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Prosthetic solutions

Beast prosthetics offers a wide selection of the most advanced and innovative prosthetic solutions to match your aims and lifestyle.

We can provide a range of limbs and adaptations for sport, activities, comfort and aesthetics that are suitable for people who have amputation, shortening or difference of their limb. We also offer limb trials and will not recommend a solution to you unless we feel it will be helpful in achieving your aims.

Upper limb solutions

We understand that what you would like to achieve with your upper limb is as unique as you. Our aim when providing an upper limb prosthesis is to fully understand your lifestyle and goals in order to create personalised solutions. From braiding hair to rock climbing, we want to take on the challenge of helping you to reach your goals.

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We provide and train people to use a huge range of upper limb solutions including:

Lower limb solutions

We have access to a huge range of specialist joints and components for lower limb from the hip down. We can provide limbs to function in the icy cold, to help you swim, glide down steps or simply to look fantastic.

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We have access to a vast range of lower limbs and lower limb components and can offer:

Paediatric Solutions

At Beast Prosthetics we understand in order for children and young people to grow and develop they need the best tools available. Our experienced team will work with you and your family to select the most appropriate prosthetic solutions for your needs. Whether you want to be able to play on your games console, draw and paint, ride your bike or scooter we have solutions that will enable you.

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Our assessments enable you to discuss your wants and needs with our experienced prosthetists. Your first initial assessment is free and we have no waiting list.

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No two bodies are the same, and if you have had trouble finding an appropriate prosthetic solution in the past, then we may be able to help you.

We can help you train for myoelectric control, help find optimal solutions for through knee or through foot amputations and create completely bespoke alternative limb attachments. If it has never been done before, we would love to be the first to do so!

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Our services and the products we provide are completely bespoke to each individual

If you are facing challenges with your limb, or if you would like to push yourself to the next level, then come in for a free assessment to find out how we can help.

If you would like to know more please email us at or call 0161 660 9282.

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Should you want to take advantage of any of the other rehabilitation services provided by our team that would be of benefit to you such as…

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We don't have a waiting list, so to arrange an immeditate free assessment with one of our prosthetists or if you have any questions please email us at or call 0161 660 9282

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