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We write reports for a range of purposes, people and organisations. Our experienced multidisciplinary team are experienced in writing reports for many purposes. Our reports have a quick turnaround time, with the vast majority being provided within one week.

Types of reports

We provide many types of reposts. The reports provided are all bespoke to your requirements. Common reports requested include:

After your assessment

Following your initial assessment you can request a report. This will include notes about what we discussed in your appointment and our clinical observations following our assessment of you, as well the plans that we have recommended for your future rehabilitation. This will be useful for your GP or rehabilitation consultant to see, or for your personal record. It can also include an itemised breakdown of the cost of your recommended treatment package options.

Reports for funding applications

We can carry out a range of tests to demonstrate your suitability for a particular limb and treatment, and the positive effects it can have for you. This report can be used to apply for funding from the NHS or any charities or organisations.

Reports for second opinions

If you are unsure about the opinion that you have been given by another clinician, or you would simply like to seek input from a second professional then you may see our clinicians independently at any time. Should you wish, they can also provide a written report following your consultation detailing their professional medical opinion.

Reports for education plans (EHCP)

Education, health and care plans are for children and young adults between the ages of 0-25 years old who are in nursery, school or further education. If you or your child is seeing our clinicians then we are able to write a report to inform their education, health and care plan.

Our input will detail the rehabilitation plan that we have set out for you, including the frequency of physiotherapy, prosthetics, psychology, and any other health care appointments that will be necessary. We will also detail the cost of any equipment, including prosthetics, that may be required to maximise your access to education.

Reports for case managers

We provide our care in line with the rehabilitation code. Our goal is to get patients as close as possible to their previous levels of activity, mobility and quality of life in as short a time frame as possible. We work hard to return our patients to independence, work and health. We are experts at using the latest prosthetic technology to achieve these objectives.

If you require a report to detail the cost to of a rehabilitation package for your client, as well details of our anticipated timescale for their ability to return to work and rehabilitation, then the first step is to contact us to discuss your client’s recommendations. It will be necessary for your client to also come in for initial assessment with us so that we can independently assess your patient’s needs.

Reports for workplace adaptations and fit to work assessments.

Our occupational therapists will visit your offices and workspace and recommend a range of adaptations which could be used in conjunction with the best prosthesis to help you continue to work to your full potential.

They will look at your job role and identify any tasks which you might find more difficult. Where reasonable, this will enable them to and suggest adaptations which will allow you to do the same job as before. Normally these adaptations will be provided by your employer under the Equality Act 2010. If you are no longer able to carry out the some tasks at work then the occupational therapist will also write a report to confirm this and whether and how your situation is predicted to change in the future.

A report from an occupational therapist could also help support an access to work grant for those who need help staying in their current employment, getting a new job or starting their own business or self employment.

Reports for home adaptations

Our occupational therapists also perform home visits to suggest adaptations to homes and vehicles as well as any equipment you might find useful. For upper limb prosthetics patients we are able to suggest terminal devices for your limb. A home adaptation can be applicable whether you have recently lost a limb or limbs, are an established amputee or have congenital absence or shortening of limbs.

They will consider the tasks that you regularly undertake in your home and assess your ability to continue carrying out those tasks. They can then suggest a range of reasonable adjustments, taking into consideration whether your situation is likely to change in the future. Following a home assessment the occupational therapist will write a comprehensive written report of their assessment and the adaptations and equipment that they have recommended for you.

Reports for insurance companies

We work with all insurance companies to write reports that indicate the recommended course of action and cost of rehabilitation for those who have suffered limb loss. For more information see funding by insurance.

Psychology reports and capacity tests

Our psychologist can carry out a range of tests and reviews. They can also provide reports on mental status examinations provided independently or as part of a prosthetics assessment report. They can write referrals to other professionals or reports for your GP as well as medico-legal reports.


We are able to write reports to refer to other services within our excellent multidisciplinary team and closely linked partner services. Should you wish to be referred on to a healthcare professional or service which we do not cover, or would simply like to go elsewhere, then we can also provide external referrals.

Reports for other healthcare professionals

If you require a report at any point during your rehabilitation for your GP, consultant or another NHS healthcare provider then this can be arranged. We will provide them with information about your assessments and reviews as well as the course of treatment that you have been recommended and provided by us.

Let’s make it happen

If you or your client would like a report to be written, then they or you should let us know at any time throughout treatment, either during an appointment or as soon afterwards as possible. The shorter the time between our patient seeing us and one of our clinicians writing a report, the more accurate the report will be.

We are responsible for the care that we give, and we want to provide the best service possible for all of our clients. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for us to see every patient before we are able to provide any medical opinion or quote for a rehabilitation package. This includes those who have recently been provided with a legal report from a third party healthcare provider.

After the appointment, the report will be provided by email in PDF format. Depending upon the type of report and the wishes of our patients, it can then be sent to our patients or directly to a third party.


Our team have extensive experience providing medico-legal services to a range of clients.

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