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Lower limb solutions

Lower limb solutions

Beast provide the best limbs for your needs. As no two people and no two lifestyles are exactly the same, our prosthetists use their years of expertise and have no restriction of manufacturers to find a solution that’s exactly right for you.


There are many different options for ankle components including mechanical and microprocessor devices.

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No matter where you want to go we can find the right feet for you.

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We are able to offer a range of different prosthetic knees depending on you wants and needs.

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Our experienced prosthetists will work with you to select your hip prostheses.

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Partial foot loss solutions

We provide a wide range of partial foot loss solutions.

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Sockets and suspension methods

Whatever your amputation and activity level we are able to offer a range of sockets and suspension methods.

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Functional enhancing components

If you are looking to push your prosthesis a little further in life we are able to provide a range of additional components such as turntables, shock and torque absorbers.

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payment options

We offer free initial prosthetic assessments to those who intend to self fund their treatment or to those who wish to gain an estimate for costs so that they can apply for funding.

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We have extensive experience in collaborative working with other individuals and groups, if you would like to find out more information about the services we can provide for your client please contact us today by calling 0161 660 9282, emailing or by completing the following form.

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