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Our HCPC, CSP registered physiotherapists are experienced in dealing with prosthetics users using cutting edge devices.

Our physiotherapists can help you

We have physiotherapists who specialise in both paediatric and adult patients. They deal with recent amputees, established amputees and those with congenital limb absence and can take over your rehabilitation as soon as you are medically stable.

Benefits of physiotherapy

A physiotherapist specialises in the way that you move and use your body. Their job is to help you benefit from:


We work with all ages and love to support children grown and learn.

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On your marks!

Using state of the art facilities in our gym, our physiotherapists can help you to make the most out of your new limb by prescribing a course of exercise before the socket casting appointment. They can be present at your assessment appointment or seen separately and will be able to advise the prosthetist with regards to what levels of strength, stability and range of motion you can expect to achieve after physiotherapy treatment and help them to make the best decisions when prescribing your prosthesis.

Get set!

We want to offer the best possible service to all of our patients and that’s why we recommend physiotherapy to everyone who is using, or getting ready to use, a different limb for the first time. Where it’s appropriate, we can offer a residential programme so our physiotherapists can also work with our personal trainers to provide you with an intensive course of training immediately prior to your fitting to make sure you can go into your appointment with confidence that you will receive immediate benefits from your limb.


After your limb fitting, our physiotherapists will help you go further. They will help you to work on your flexibility, balance and muscular conditioning as well as helping to improve your posture, confidence and gait or movement pattern to move efficiently. It will take time for your body to adjust fully adjust to your new prosthesis and your physiotherapist is there to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Never give up

At the end of your physiotherapy programme, your physiotherapist will be able to refer you onto our personal trainer, who will ensure that you are able to continue with your exercise regime safely, as well as giving you the opportunity to reach the next level of strength and fitness.

We’re still here

Should you develop pain or need to see the physiotherapist urgently for any other reason, this service is always accessible. We don’t have waiting lists for appointments and will arrange for you to see a clinician as quickly as possible.

Specialist pain clinic

At Beast Prosthetics our physiotherapy team are able to provide a specialist pain clinic. 80% of all amputees experience phantom pains or sensations, these can be felt as a burning sensation, stabbing or shooting pains. Amputees can also feel altered sensation in their residual limb following surgery. These are pains and sensations are unique to each individual consequently our physiotherapists will work with you to offer the best form of treatment to help manage. Within the specialist pain clinic our physiotherapists are able to offer a range of treatments specifically designed for amputees such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy and Graded Motor Imagery (GMI). They can also offer advice regarding pain medication.

This is teamwork

The physiotherapists are part of our multidisciplinary team that help you to meet and exceed your goals by improving your functionality and well-being to lead a happy, healthy and independent lifestyle.

Come and meet us

Booking in to see a physiotherapist is easy and we provide immediate appointments. Physiotherapy sessions can be included in your rehabilitation package or be paid for on a pay as you go basis.


If you would like to find out more information about the services we provide or would like to book a free assessment please contact us today by calling 0161 660 9282, emailing or by completing the following form.

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