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Socket solutions

Socket solutions

At Beast we understand the importance of the socket in the provision of any prosthetic. If your socket is not comfortable to wear then it is unlikely you will want to use the device. Our prosthetists are able to spend as long as it takes to ensure your socket fit is perfect and performs how you want and need it to.

We are able to use state of the art materials to ensure your socket is constructed to be as light and strong as suitable. We are able to personalise your socket using a variety of techniques to make your device truly unique.

Myoelectric services

Myoelectric prosthetics are prosthetic devices powered using electrical signals received from your muscles. Sensors are placed within your socket which detect the signals from your muscles as you actively use them. These signals are then converted in the instructions for the motors within the prosthetic device.

Myoelectrics can help to replace absent joints including the fingers, wrist and elbow. Hybrid sockets using both body powered and myoelectrics enable more than one joint to have function.

Myoelectric hands enable users to perform delicate tasks which require high levels of control such as tying shoe laces or holding an egg whilst cooking. They are also able to provide high levels of strength allowing the user to hold onto items securely with minimal effort.

Myoelectric wrists provide greater ranges of movement to the user, the wrist is able to move in a more natural and comfortable way putting less stress onto the rest of your arm.

Myoelectric elbows allow for flexion and extension in a natural and smooth movement. This enables you to perform tasks with ease and greater control due to the specific controls of the device including set increments of bending and auto locking when carrying heavy loads.

At Beast Prosthetics we want you to get the most out of your device and will therefore be able to provide you with support from our occupational therapists. They will work with you to build a solid foundation of skills using your myoelectric device and will then help you to expand your range of movements and commands to help you be the best.

To use a myoelectric prosthetic device your muscles need to provide strong enough signals to be converted into operating commands. At Beast Prosthetics our experienced prosthetist are able to assess your suitability. If you would like arrange a free initial assessment to discuss your suitability for myoelectrics please contact us.

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We offer free initial prosthetic assessments to those who intend to self fund their treatment or to those who wish to gain an estimate for costs so that they can apply for funding.

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We have extensive experience in collaborative working with other individuals and groups, if you would like to find out more information about the services we can provide for your client please contact us today by calling 0161 660 9282, emailing or by completing the following form.

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