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Medico-legal reports and expert witness services

We can carry out expert report writing and provide expert witness statements as requested by solicitors. Our clinicians have specific medico-legal training and are used to writing legal reports and acting as expert witnesses.


If you would like to enquire about your client, then please contact us with your request. We can then advise you with regards to the cost to perform the reports you have requested, or we will meet your client for a free assessment and provide a quote for the cost of their treatment.

After we have provided you with an estimate for the cost of the report or treatment, we will proceed as soon as we have received authorisation from you. We work in line with the rehabilitation code to ensure that your client can return to as close as possible their previous levels of activity or productivity in as short a time frame as possible.

All of or multidisciplinary team are able to provide medico-legal services for clients with prosthetic needs. These include:

Our ability to write reports across disciplines provides our clients with a comprehensive report that adheres to CPR part 35 and PD 35. We travel all over the UK and are available immediately to carry out reports.

We can carry out reports for:


Our experienced prosthetists are able to provide reports following assessments for a range of purposes including medico-legal, education and work place reports.

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The first step is to contact us and discuss your needs, after which we can supply you with a quote for the cost.

After we have received confirmation from you that you would like to proceed with the report, we will carry out assessments to quickly answer the questions we have been provided. We are immediately responsive to questions and amendment requests and aim to respond to all correspondence with maximum efficiency.


If you would like to find out more information or would like to begin the process of instructing us please call us on 0161 660 9282, email or complete the following form and a member of the team will be in touch.

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