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Aftercare Your story isn’t over...

We help our patients to operate at their very full potential. Whilst a new limb can make an incredible difference, we don’t want the improvement to stop there.

Our adaptable aftercare packages have services to suit everybody:

  • Prosthetic reviews
  • Medical reviews
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Personal training
  • Psychology

Prosthetics reviews

Over time people change and so does the world around them. We will ensure that your limb package is perfect but that’s not where our service ends.

We will arrange reviews to ensure that your limb is still working at its optimum level, including any warranty checks that are included with the device.

We will also review you to ensure that the device that we have provided is still helping you to achieve your goals and to keep you up to date with the latest prosthetic solutions available.


Want to try something new? Contact us to discuss limb trials.

Find out more

Medical reviews

Our prosthetics services should help you towards your goals and to maximise your potential. To ensure that nothing holds you back, our multidisciplinary team are here to provide you with regular medical reviews to support your healthy lifestyle.

Most of our limb packages include an intensive period of physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy to help you use your new limb to its full capacity. You will also have regular review meetings with your prosthetist who check the condition of the skin on your residual limb to ensure that the socket is still fitting optimally.


Our physiotherapist are on hand should you suffer injury at any time, and for regular reviews to ensure that you are still moving in the most efficient manner. Find out more about our physiotherapy service.

Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapists will ensure that you are trained in any devices which they have recommended for you and are there to help you practice tasks to enable you carry out your daily life.

Find out more about our occupational therapy service.

Personal training

A personal trainer can help you to gain independence, increase your fitness or push yourself to the next level.

Find out more about our personal training service.


We want to help you achieve your potential, both physically and psychologically. Our psychologists can provide a range of services for your psychological well being. Find out more about our psychology services.

We plan ahead

When you arrange your aftercare as a package, you will be recommended a regular schedule of therapy appointments. The package is adaptable to your ongoing needs, and all of our multidisciplinary services are accessible to our patients immediately.

Beast doesn’t bite

We always encourage our patients to see us with any issues that they might be experiencing. We can arrange appointments at a variety of times so that no-one will have to interrupt their schedule to see us. Get in touch by calling us on 0161 660 9282 or emailing us at

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