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Charities and other organisations

Charities and other organisations

We provide an evidence based approach to our clients’ care and always operate with transparency. Our solutions are both cost effective and provide the best possible outcomes.

We will work with hospitals, schools and community rehabilitation facilities in order to provide the most integrated rehabilitative care possible. Our clinicians can travel to your location.

We work with the NHS to provide services for which funding has been granted but for which there may be a deficit of experience amongst NHS practitioners.


Our experienced prosthetists are able to provide reports following assessments for a range of purposes including medico-legal, education and work place reports.

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At Beast Prosthetics we are able to provide access to all prosthetic limbs and components. Enabling you to find your perfect set up.

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We provide services to medico legal, case management and insurance companies. Find out more about how we work with case managers and solicitors.

We are interested in creating links and partnerships with charities. The first step is to contact us to find out how we can work together.

If you would like more information please call 0161 660 9282 or email

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