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Feet for daily life

Feet for daily life

At Beast Prosthetics we understand everybody's daily life is different. Our experienced prosthetist will work with you to find the best foot solution to help you move with ease and comfort for the whole day.

Single axis feet

Single axis feet allow up and downward motion of the ankle, this increases the stability at the knee joint as the foot comes into contact with ground quicker. A single axis foot enables the user to walk on uneven ground with more ease than with a SACH foot. These feet are ideal for transfemoral amputees due to the increased stability but can also be beneficial to transtibial amputees as they are relatively lightweight.

Multi-axial feet

Multi-axial feet adds the ability of side to side movement on top of the up and downwards of a single axis foot. This added movement enables the foot to adapt and absorb unwanted stress and shock when walking on uneven ground.

Dynamic Response Feet

If you are more active in your daily life a dynamic response foot may be the best solution for you. These work by storing and releasing energy as you walk which helps to provide a more normal and symmetrical walking pattern. A dynamic response foot also helps to absorb the forces and stress ensured during walking. Dynamic response feet can be worn to take part in moderate levels of exercise too.

Our experienced prosthetists are not restricted in their choice of manufacturers therefore are able to provide you with a huge range of suitable feet.

payment options

We offer free initial prosthetic assessments to those who intend to self fund their treatment or to those who wish to gain an estimate for costs so that they can apply for funding.

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We have extensive experience in collaborative working with other individuals and groups, if you would like to find out more information about the services we can provide for your client please contact us today by calling 0161 660 9282, emailing or by completing the following form.

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