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Knees for stability while standing

Knees for stability while standing

If you are on your feet all day and spend a lot of time standing you may benefit from a knee which provides increased stability. There are many different options available:

Polycentric knees

Polycentric knees have multiple axis which enables the knee joint to fold within itself, this makes them ideal for amputees with longer residual limbs and knee disarticulations. These types of knees are adjustable and can be combined with pneumatic or hydraulic swing controls to provide versatility with regards to walking speeds. The adjustability of a polycentric knee means they can be set to have increased stability during standing.

Manual locking knee joints

A manual locking knee is the most stable of knee joints as it locks automatically when the knee is put into extension. To unlock the knee, in order to walk, the user is required to manually release the lock. If prefered the user can walk with the knee locked, providing increased stability throughout the whole gait cycle and not just in stance.

Weight activated knee joints

Weight activated knee joints are very stable, with flexion only enabled when weight is removed from the joint. During walking they remain stable through the use of constant friction therefore controlling the level of swing allowed.

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